Key Investments

Del Monte Pacific (1996 – 2006)

Successfully restructured Del Monte Pacific Limited (DMPL) and listed it on the Singapore Exchange in 1999. DMPL owns the world’s largest fully integrated pineapple production operations; combining growing, R&D, processing, packaging, marketing and distribution.

Jet Star Asia (2004 – 2009)

Co-founded Jetstar Asia in 2004. Today, Jetstar Asia is a leading low cost carrier based in Singapore, and servicing the Asia region.

Pepsi Cola Vietnam (1991-1998)

Co-founded International Beverages Company Vietnam (IBC) in 1991 to introduce modern production, marketing and distribution of soft drinks in the country. Today, renamed as Pepsi Cola Vietnam, it is one of Vietnam’s largest and most successful FMCG companies.

Pepsi Cola Philippines (1989-1999)

Co-invested with local partners in 1989 to restructure and bring Pepsi Cola Philippines to new heights in the country.

Hua Feng Paper Mill (1993-2001)

Co-invested with China National Tobacco Company in Hua Feng Paper Mill Hangzhou. They restructured and modernised the company to manufacture speciality cigarette paper in China.

Sterling Tobacco Corporation (1986-1999)

Rehabilitated Sterling Tobacco Corporation in Philippines to become an active player in the manufacturing and distribution of cigarette products.